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"We must stand strong and immovable in faith, strong and immovable in family, and strong and immovable in relief." - Julie B. Beck "...the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."- William R. Wallace



Hello all I am moving to utah I am a strict pro spanking mom are there any other moms like me if so lets chat please and thanks Karen

Started by Karen on 03/28/2018 in Mormon Moms

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weight loss

Hi, i know this is not a really a baby question but i and having a debate with myself. before i got pregnant with my Emmy i was just a little over weight but had lost a lot...

Started by Cheryl on 07/21/2009 in Mormon Moms

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hello I am new I am pro spanking does anyone else spank lets chat holly

Started by Holly on 08/18/2016 in Mormon Moms

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Fun Family Home Evenings

I'm 21, married with 2 kids under 2. Our oldest is 22 months and our youngest is 7 months. I've kind of been a "laid back" Mormon since I was about 17 and I'm trying to get...

Started by Danielle on 03/17/2010 in Mormon Moms

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Nine Year Old is Bullied.

My 9 year old daughter is being bullied by a whole bunch of boys in her class. They obviously don't like her. Multiple times I've had to pick her up from school because she was...

Started by Ashley on 11/19/2015 in Mormon Moms

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Hi all! I am a mormon and a mother :) Thought this site would be neat to try and help support one another and share my experiences/talents/ideas etc.... :) I am newly married...

Started by Jackie on 07/23/2015 in Mormon Moms

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why are we so judgemental

I have recently fiund out that our 2nd son is gay and it is amazing to me how judgemental some people, especially mormons are. My own father in law and several sister in laws do...

Started by Anita on 07/09/2012 in Mormon Moms

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Hi fellow mamas!

Hi there I am new so I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Jody Moore from Northern California. Looking forward to getting to know you and learn from your expertise. :)

Started by User on 02/04/2015 in Mormon Moms

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Hello, I am an Irish mormon mum, just joined this site. wanted to say hello

Started by Stephanie on 03/11/2014 in Mormon Moms

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please consider helping

my mom fell into some hard times and needs help paying off her van...If you can not help please pass the link around even on your facebook page or blog or whatever if you could?...

Started by Brittany on 02/24/2013 in Mormon Moms

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teaching to pray

i have a 20 month old and 11 week old, what is a good age to teach them to pray?

Started by Vicky on 10/19/2010 in Mormon Moms

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Non member husbands

Anyone out there with a husband with no interest in being Mormon? The Catholic stuff all over my house drives me crazy. He is as adement about the baby being Catholic as I am...

Started by Olivia on 05/21/2010 in Mormon Moms

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you might be a mormon if.....

I am trying to come up with some fun and funny "you might be a mormon if.."'s. similar to jeff foxworthys "you might be a red neck if.." and I need you help, all I have come up...

Started by Stephanie on 09/06/2009 in Mormon Moms

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Deployed husband... no problem!

There is no way I could handle being an Army wife without the peace, stregnth, and support that being LDS holds. I can be sent anywhere on the planet and have a "ward family"...

Started by Jennifer on 06/30/2011 in Mormon Moms

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I'm new

Hello fellow Mormon Moms! I thought this might be a fun way to connect with other mom with the same morals and values I have because the world doesn't always seem to have them.

Started by Lindsey on 11/28/2008 in Mormon Moms

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Prayers Needed

I have a 17 year old son who has been having severe chronic headaches since Oct. So far we have not found a medical cause for the headaches. Thankfully an MRI on his head was...

Started by Tracy on 05/30/2011 in Mormon Moms

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3pm church!!!

Is anyone else struggling with 3 pm church? i just cant believe that they even do it. i have friends who are going to stop coming to church because of this time. it completely...

Started by User on 11/24/2008 in Mormon Moms

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teeth grinding

My 11 month old, has 5 teeth now and has this habit of grinding his teeth. like its the fun thing to do. How do i get him to stop!?

Started by Amber on 05/19/2011 in Mormon Moms

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