Mother - Kid Learning

I am a mother of two children: (Lina - Lanya) When I started taking my children to school, I noticed that one of the parents would always be talking about how she uses her iPad for educational purposes. I talked to her to get some advice and a recommendation for an app to help develop my children’s counting. Through her I found DabaDabaKids, an interactive 3D pop-up book for toddlers and preschoolers, exactly what I needed. The channel just like a real book, allows for page turning. The pages appear as interactive pop-up scenes and focus on learning numbers from 1 to 10, whilst reinforcing the concepts through fun mini games. Besides just learning how to count, the app also reinforces knowledge of colours and will help your child recognise animals. It also helps in the sharpening of motor skills through tapping, smudging and dragging objects on the screen. The primary functions of the app have been phenomenal for my kids. Furthermore the option of changing the language is a great addition for anybody looking to raise their children in a bilingual environment. As a mother I would highly recommend making use of modern day technology to revamp how we teach.