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Hey All! I've had PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome X for 6 years now! I have tried Fertility medicine to get pregnant, and nothing had worked.... It's very sad to hear that having children probably isn't in the cards for you... especially when having a family is very very important to you.

THEN, I started feeling weird, I was drinking bottles of Pepto a day and couldn't understand why I was feeling so queezy ALL THE TIME! I took a pregnancy test just out of curiousity and WOW! I was Pregnant!! I took 3 at-home tests, and had two different doctors confirm it... haha. I'm STILL in shock, and this was in OCT. of '08! I was put on bed rest, however, because I was high risk- but I am over 6 months now and due July 11 with my baby girl! =) I couldn't be happier.

If this has shown me ANYTHING, it's that what's meant to be will happen. Be patient... dealing with infertility is stressful, painful and sometimes depressing.. but havin a baby will happen for you, one way or another =)


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I have a slightly similar story. I had irregular cycles since I was a teenager (minus the time while I was on birth control). My husband and I decided to start trying to conceive, after 1 yr without success I spoke to my doctor. Anyway, after 3 yrs of trying with no success, I began seeing my amazing and currently OBGYN. He was amazing. I began fertility treatments (Clomid, HSG injections, Metformin, IUI). After 5 months I was diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility since all the medications were doing their job and it wasn't successful. We were told to start saving for IVF. That was 3 yrs ago. March 2008 to our surprise, with no treatment, I was pregnant. My daughter was born Oct. 19th. She is 7 months old now and is very healthy. My cycles have become pretty regular since having her and we're about to start trying for the next baby. I think it's easier to deal with infertility once you have one child, or at least I'll be more able to handle it as she was my miracle baby and if I am not lucky enough to have anymore, I love her to pieces and having her is all that matters.

I also believe that everything happens for a reason though when you're in the middle of dealing with infertility it's hard to remember that.

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Many congrats to you and your husband on the expected arrival of your baby girl! Enjoy every minute! You look wonderful!

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