Mothers 30-50 Becoming/Are Grandmothers

A circle of mothers in their midlife stages becoming or being grandparents. I am not yet 40, so I feel I am a young grandmother, so want to see if there's other women out there like me that are grandparents dealing with trying to be youthful but a grandmother as well!


New grandbaby~!

My daughter had her baby, Tuesday!! Named her Julia Rachal, 6lbs 11oz, 20-1/2 inches long! She is a perfect, beautiful little girl!! I have been keeping her 2 year old for a few...


our little miracle

I was 44 when I was told I was going to be a grandmother and in the begining I tried everything to turn my daughter against having her baby. She had a daughter and they are...


I was a real young GM.

I became a grandmother at 36. Everywhere I went that I had my granddaughter with me everyone thought she was my daughter. So many of her friends Moms were my age. It was fun...