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Hi, I got out of a bad relationship. I know I got away with it lightly as my ex husband hit me twice. He also threatened my two eldest with violence towards them even though he didn't carry it out.

Currently he does not have any direct contact with the girls.

Has anyone got any suggestions for contact (indirect or direct) between his family and my girls. My eldest barely remembers some of his family where as the youngest doesn't as she only saw some of them as a baby and I'm not sure how much the middle one remembers, but I know it's very little.

I've said that I'll currently be the buffer between them and the girls. My ex Father in law only got back in contact with me last summer after several years of nothing.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about contact. Luckily the don't live near me so having direct contact as in visits isn't an option in the short term.



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I would get a feel for what your ex's family wants in the way of contact and then decide if you are comfortable with that.

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