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Gina - posted on 09/17/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Looking for some ideas on setting up rules and regulations for ADHD/Bipolar children.

We have basic rules already in place.

Just wanting some rules that apply to school behavior,specific rules that apply to ADHD/Bipolar child.
My son is not bringing home his homework, not bringing home his behavior report.

So to solve that I am going to start picking him from school.

I am just wanting to do like a chart with stickers or something, that applies to each individual action that he does.'

Does anyone have anything that they are doing that might work?



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Debbie - posted on 03/29/2013




I have found a family program that works well with ADHD children. It's called the Happy Face Token System. ADHD children like things that are orderly and repetitious, that stay the same. This helps them remember what they need to do earning rewards can really step that up. The Happy Face Token System also gives relief to mom and, in fact is made for the happiness of Mom! It comes with a built-in consistency factor that helps define behavior changes in the children. There is only one list used called the REWARD LIST. It is very unique in its design, again it fits the need of the parent, but it also is just what the child wants and is willing to pay for it. It isn't a prize or toy list because kids lose interest if they can't get them quickly. This list is designed to be used for years with little change once it is established. The kids know exactly what has to be done to use the Reward list as they earn happy face tokens. The tokens can be used to help them develop better attention span, improve learning skills, and family behavior as well as social skills and education. Things you never thought your child would or could do will happily be accomplished by the child the first time you ask. I used to tell my children: I will give one happy face token for each homework page you bring home. Guess what? I had a backpack full of papers each day to reveiw. They remembered because they chose to! There is a good web site that defines more about this remarkable program. I like it because it worked for many years in our home, but it is guaranteed for 30 days, risk free if it doesn't do what you need. How many parenting programs do you know that guarantee the result? Check it out.

Jami - posted on 09/18/2010




well, you can do a reward chart, like a weekly chore chart that specifies individual tasks/behaviors that he is working on. for each one that he does on a daily basis he could get points or a token of some kind that would earn him privileges such as TV time or video game time, or that add up to a reward at the end of the week. Another way to go is if you have specific behavior such as bringing his homework and behavior card home, you could have a specific chart for that one target behavior. say it has 5 spots on it to fill in, then he would get a reward for every five times he brings them home/remembers to get them. You could start out with just getting five regardless of how long it takes him then gradually increase the number of times he has to remember before getting the reward. Or you could phase him into getting a certain amount in a row and then increase it as he masters the behavior. I would suggest making a list of things that would motivate him such as going for ice cream or exta TV time or spending $5 at the dollar store etc... and then let him pick each time he fills a chart up what the next reward will be, that way he doesn't lose interest. There is a great website - - that I have used many times in the past with kids that I work with. You can find weekly charts in any theme, behavior specific charts, potty training charts etc... but otherwise I would just google reward charts and see what you find.

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