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Take home this little angel

Don't know if i am at the right place but you seeking help.Are you looking to adopt ASAP? You can take home this beautiful little angel who look breath taking but unfortunately...


Any adoptions from Korea?

My oldest son, Joseph, was born in South Korea and has been home with us for almost 3 years now!!!! Anyone else have children born in S. Korea? Shana : )


How to explain...

Our son was adopted domestically in WI. He is only 20 months old but I have been constantly thinking lately of how to approach the issue of being adopted when the time comes?...


The long walk to adoption - our story

Hi all, I have just joined your community and wanted to share our story with you as well. We live in Pretoria, South Africa and this Xmas it will be three years ago that we...


I Need Help With An Adoption HELP

a close friend of mine is pregnant and she knows how much my husband and i want a child but we cannot conceive one it is heart breaking to her she wants to adopt this baby to us...


Looking for my daughter (and son)

I am looking for my daughter Chelsie lynn who will be turning 18 on 7/8/11. Chelsie was born Chelsie Lynn Jones. My name is Bridget Finke I want Chelsie to know that i faught...


how to deal with Adoption aftermath

i gave my daughter up for adoption in April. 3 days after she was born [the 27th or April; She was born on the 24th] and .. it tore me up inside. every time i think about her or...


Siblings separated at adoption

Has anyone had to deal with siblings being separated at adoption? We adopted our first two and found out later that there was an older sib. that was adopted after ours. Our...


my kids r adopted

I have twin boys that are 4 and a we girl who is 3 there all in care and is breaking me how do other cope.

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