Looking for my daughter (and son)

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I am looking for my daughter Chelsie lynn who will be turning 18 on 7/8/11. Chelsie was born Chelsie Lynn Jones. My name is Bridget Finke I want Chelsie to know that i faught all the way to the very end to keep her and her brother who is not yet 18,but will be on 6/8/13.He was born Dylan Sabastian Finke on 6/8/1995.Both were born in covington ky. If anyone out there who can help me please email me at bridgetfinke1973@gmail.com. Thank you


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Sophia - posted on 05/26/2014




JM you are so rude and misguided. Reflect on this... where would you be without your biological mother, oh yeah, not here! I guess no one is interested in their biological family history, oh wait, that is why there is genealogy! One more thing, two reasons that adoptive people would choose not look for their roots is they are fearful of being rejected and fearful of hurting their adoptive family's feelings.

J M - posted on 02/12/2013




Its only natural after some time you would try to connect all would understand this, but whats your expectations even if you did find them?

As after such abusive past you described that they had to endure and or to live under, wonder how the children feel about this? time simply carries on, and we all pay a price for mistakes made and for the mistakes other do that have had an effect children in such a degree they are placed into care and or protection for their own well-being, yes, but reunions may not turn out the way you hope, what if they don't want to see you because of what they remembered?

No intent to offend here, just wondering how may you feel or expect things to be? if the children are loved and cared for in such away, they really simply have just moved on in their own life's, and wish no contact, as simply may be to painful for them.

We have a family member that was adopted in to the family from a very young age as a baby and when that baby turned 21 the Bio mother of corse then older ,had the right to contacted Social services trying to look for her son, un turn Social services did ring the new family, Social services "did ring her bio sons Adoptive parents that they had raised for all his life, so yes he was given the opportunity to respond this bio Mums request to see him and the family was supportive of this if he wanted to, however " he simply said he was happy as he was and felt no need to revisit the past, so really as sad as it may be for you, in the end it comes down to the fact, that its up to the children once they are grown to be receptive.

And if its about Thinking of the bio parents loss, if you just had photos would that be enough for you to move on in Peace? or would you expect more to place on to them about your mistakes that lead them away from you in the first place? As when it all come down to it, yes it is al about the children, wether when adopted or not the care they had been or not been giving and or received later that counts.

Or would you expect physical contact in some way, as very really would this happen, unless as been said , they want to now when they are adults.

I would not discourage from searching for them no one can stop you, however they to now have their own rights and life's to as adults, so really up to them if this was to happen.

Hope you find Peace, if they are looking for you as much as well, if its the right thing to happen it may.

Your children would not have been taken a way as you say with out good reason as you know and have been clear to describe why they where taken, Closed adoptions are not made easily, they are only made under all the circumstances have been accessed, and when children are older, they legally to can look if they wish to.

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