Peaking during breast-feeding.

Deborah - posted on 06/29/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Do you think it's o.k. for "little ones" to take a peak when a mom is breast-feeding?


Jenny - posted on 06/30/2010




"little ones" like an older sibling? When I was breastfeeding my son my nephew who was maybe 3, he was very curious....just wondering what exactly was going on.....when I breastfed my daughter, her older brother 3 was also very curious. I asked my sister the same question and we kinda came to the conclusion that it is normal. They are curious. "how are they getting milk from you?" Honestly I think that it is ok, unless they are like a 13yr old boy....then id say some privacy is in order. =) Young ones are only curious. I just told my son that she was drinking milk. Milk from mommys booboos. =) (his words not mine) The biggest confusion to him was why she didnt get chocolate milk hahaha kids!!! Once they get a little eyefull and see whats going on honestly they arent curious as much anymore, they may ask you if thats what your doing, but the infatuation with it goes away. Just explain that its kinda a private thing that mommy doesnt want everybody to see so thats why you use a blanket. Honestly I think it is ok. It is normal and natural. They are curious because they dont understand. Once they understand they wont be as interested. If its something thats hidden and unknown or secretive, they get even more nosey!!! Also if the older is a girl, i believe that you want her to be comfortable with her body and to know that breastfeeding is a totally and completely natural and beautiful thing!!!!! Good luck!

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