Mothers Of Albino Children

Albinism is rare, but sometimes it can happen! Children can be perfectly fine or they can be blind. My daughter is 2 yrs old and she has some vision problems, and is sensitive to the sun, but she is just like every other child!


Eyes And Vision Of An Albino

Hello, moms My name is Donika. I'm from Bulgaria. I have an albino baby born on 07.Feb.2014. She's so sweet, but i'm worry about her vision. Her eyes are almost "red" colored,...



hi, my name is Nikki and im new to this website, i just had a baby Oct 19 and about two days after my son Ryan was born the doctor told me that he had some sighs of being an...


getting use to the light

i have a question for all the moms who have older kids.. how long did it take for ur children to get use to the light outside? my son is almost 5 months and hes not use to the...


So Smart!

My daughter is almost 4 years old and is so much more advanced than any of my friends children. Do any of you notice the same thing.


Hello =)

I just wanted to introduce myself. it seems there aren't alot of places to meet with others that have children with albinism so you have other people you can relate to. I am...


Ocular Albinism

I went on 12/5 to a genetic/derm appointment for my son who has ocular albinism and we discovered he is for sure part albino. He has the gene which they said is like #15 called...



You children are very beautiful! My son has ocular albinism!