not loving her beautiful skin sometimes

Crystal - posted on 04/26/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




just wondering if any one else has had to deal with daughter has on occasion gotten into my make up and i caught her putting it on her arms and legs and face...she said "well hannah montana isn't sooo white" i know most of the time my girl feels beautiful and special, but its sad to see her at 5 trying to change her skin


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Joyce - posted on 01/11/2011




My son, who is now 50, went thru the same thing at about the same age. Not because of a tv show but because of other kids making remarks. I told him that he was/is a gift from GOD and looks different so the the whole world would know it. Well, that backfired, in a sense, because he began calling himself 'the specialest' and my othe 2 kids, not albino, asked why they were'nt albino too, smile. But with that one word from him, all of the remarks stopped. Find a positive way to make her accepting of her difference and all will be well. GOD BLESS.

Nicole - posted on 05/07/2010




not personally yet as my daughter is only 2 months old but i can imagine that she will have her battles with her self image.

However since my daughters birth what we believed about my sister may be true.. we were hinted by a doctor that she could have had albinism but if she is she would be she would be classified as oca1b (my mother back then in ignorance swore she was not cause she did not have red eyes) . she colors her lashes and brows to give an appearance. and she spray tans since she can not. its only been lately that she has been doing this as she never did in high school i think that getting older in her life she is seeing that being so white isn't what guys are looking for. i have never known her to have a boyfriend. so i am guessing this is why as she is 24 now. its a bit different when you grow up not knowing that you have the condition.

but if your looking for people who may have here is the parents thread for Noah( national organization for albinism and hypo pigmentation) =)

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