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Hard time finding GOOD friends for my son...

Liana - posted on 11/11/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I'm having such a hard time finding GOOD kids for my son to hang out with. It seems like everyone I know with kids his age has girls. And the few boys in his class are just obnoxious! Is it just me or is it harder to find good friends when you're a boy?

I moved to Bayonne, NJ last year... about 1 hour from where I used to live. But it wasn't any better where I came from. He had one friend there that he hung out with regularly but he used bad language regularly and you couldn't take him to a store with you because he didn't know how to act properly... running in the aisles, yelling , etc....


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I agree with Bettyann my son was being bullied in school and had no friends i started taking him to scouts and a martial arts class and hes made so many new friends. His confidence has grown a lot and he isnt afraid to play with kids he doesnt know anymore. I changed his school a few months back because of the bullying and he had to fit into a new class and he made friends quickly.

Yolanda - posted on 01/01/2010




We had this problem and still do to a degree. My problem is finding kids with which I want to encourage my little boy to play. He makes friends easily enough but he's definitely a follower and not a leader. I really don't like that. As for making friends in general we get involved where ever we can. We have school friends, church friends, home friends, sports friends, friends that are kids of my friends.... The more that I think about it, my issue is more what I want for him rather than what the world has to offer. We talk about good friends and bad friends and what makes the difference. As parents we try to set a good example while letting him learn and pray for the best. It won't be long before he'll be picking all of his friends ON HIS OWN. Aye!!!!!

BettyAnn - posted on 12/16/2009




Get him involved in Cub Scouts. Since we joined the kids there are my boys best friends and the other parents have become some of my best friends. It's one of the few "safe" places where no one is mean, says bad things, everyone is encouraging and helpful. They meet weekly and go on trips to all kinds of places from sports games to museums, camping, etc. It's a relief to know that they have somewhere that they will have good friends for life.

Check out and type in your zipcode. Give a few Packs a call or email and even if there aren't any listed near you call anyway, the website is new so not everyone has their info on their yet.

Good Luck!

Keri - posted on 11/26/2009




I am also having the same issue with my daughter. She said to me tonight "nobody likes to play with me at school anymore". It broke my heart. What do I tell her, I'm scared I will give the wrong advice. I don't want her to be a follower and be bosses around and possibly get into trouble later on. What advice would be best. She is such a sweet giving little girl, not generally shy or prone to tantrums. My son went through this stage but it didn't seem to phaze him, he is 14 now and has a great group of friends but she feels and is hurt so much easier.

Rabecca - posted on 11/11/2009




I have the same issue my son has never really had a good friend of course my son is very stubborn and had def only child issues he likes to do things his way and is to quick to think it's the other kids fault if something goes wrong and also he just lacks the drive to put fore the effort to make friends I think mostly because hes shy around kids he wants friends badly but scared they wont like him . its hard to know hes always the kid who feels left out when he see all the other kids on the playground with there little buddies and he really doesnt have that .

and another thing is also the boys at his age do things like use bad languge and caidyn ( my son ) knows thats not okay and it kind of makes him mad at other boys for acting that way so my son lets them know what he thinks and kids can be put off by that .My son is smart cute and very friendly I know he will make good friends sometime but I just try to make sure he has fun weekends and a full family life because I really want him to look back on his childhood and not feel like hes missed something

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