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Pre-teens and Make-up

Michelle - posted on 09/28/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter just turned 11 on the 23rd. I have seen so much pre-teen TUDE out of her my head is spinning! On another note, she is now asking me to wear make-up. Because "her friends are". I think she is absolutely gorgeous without it. You can see her in my pic. I compromised and said maybe eye shadow (within reason) but no eye-liner and she doesn't need mascara. What do you mom's think? She is in 6th grade. Someone please help me!


Cecilia - posted on 01/01/2016




Maybe something from a 13 year old (8th grade) like me would be best. I do wear a bit of makeup, but not much.
No foundation or powder or any sort of concealer yet, forgetting to wipe it off at night can result in rashes or breakouts. Have her wash her face every day with a cleanser, I use neutrogena face cleanser, to clear her skin so she won't need anything like foundation.
Instead of buying mascara due to skin sensitivity and price, I have a clean mascara like wand that I cover in a very thin coat of aquaphor/petroleum jelly and it works as a very good substitute for mascara.
Have her use a shimmery skin shade eyeshadow that will only provide a bit of shimmer. Not so sparkly that it's like stripperglitter, but not metalic that it looks like her eyelids look like metal sheets.
Now as far as the lips go, I use Yes to Coconut lip oil for a clear shine, but Baby lips Dr Rescue is good also. If she wants a bit of color, I recommend Burt's Bees lip tints.
If she really wants, teach her how to shape her eyebrows. Don't go to brow gels or brow color yet.
Things to avoid when first starting: bright eyeshadows, eyeliner, lipstick, dark shades of anything and foundation/powder/bb creams.
When she does get more into makeup, try to stick more with the natural brands like Burt's bees. Experiment a lot! What irks and what works? Does she like mascara? Is lipstick too heavy? Is lip gloss too sticky?
Best of luck, Cece

Tessa - posted on 09/21/2015




I don’t think there’s any problem with letting your kids wear make-up. Obviously, the make-up battle is an intensely personal family thing, but my mom told me that I had to wait until I was sixteen to wear makeup. At age nine, I was wearing tinted lip-gloss. It annoyed my mom, but I was a precocious kid and I just wanted to grow up. “Fine,” my mom would say. “It doesn’t look slutty and if this is how she expresses her desire to mature quickly, who cares?” My mom bought me dark-ish lipstick when I was in sixth grade. My school wouldn’t let me wear it on campus, but every weekend I wore it proudly. In the summer before ninth grade, I was wearing heels, red nail polish, and all the makeup I could buy with my allowance. And my hair…I had been flat-ironing daily it since sixth grade. At that point, it was mostly my dad that didn’t like the morning makeup regime; my mom had given up. Her one silent protest was the makeup wipes she had bought and left on my desk. In high school, I could wear any makeup any time I wanted. I wear powder foundation, nude-ish eyeshadow, dark brown eyeliner, black mascara, bright lipstick, and blush. I also pencil my eyebrows, which my mom thinks makes me look like a clown. I know this makes me seem slutty, but I’m 5 feet tall and have a young-looking face. And, by the way, I’m still precocious.


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Neha - posted on 12/27/2014




hi michelle as ur daughter is insiting for makeup u can tell her that till she grows13 she will use only 2 types of makeup lipgloss and mascara only at functions

[deleted account]

I'll just lay out my timeline for you ;)

5th grade- lip gloss

6th grade- lip gloss and eye shadow, no dark colors

7th grade- lip gloss, eye shadow, and CLEAR mascara

8th grade- lip gloss, eye shadow, CLEAR mascara, and blush

9th grade- lip gloss, eye shadow, REGULAR mascara, and blush

11th grade- add eye liner

I'll let them start using a light concealer for blemishes whenever it's time but I probably won't ever let them use foundation. Make-up should be to enhance natural beauty, not cover it up or hide it....

Jess - posted on 12/12/2011




My daughter is 11 and I only let her wear lip gloss and mascara. But nothing else. All mascara does is bring out your lashes and lip gloss is shiny. Her dad said no but after I had her try it on for him he gave in. He said it is not bad.

Miranda - posted on 10/06/2011




I have had the same conversation in the last week with mine. She said well I know a girl two years younger than me who carries around makeup all the time. I said is she my daughter? She said no. I said well my daughter at eleven years old does not need to wear make up. I told her we would talk about it in another two years and gradually I will allow her at that point. I don't even wear make-up very often at all. Never to work and every once in while when I go out. This is the same girl I found stealing a cigarette from me to take to school to "try". I told her this was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life and reminded her of all the times I have tried to quit and will continue to try. It saddens me to see her wanting to do things because others are doing it, but I realize this is something she has to go through. She needs to learn to trust her own judgement and do what she wants to do, not what her peers want her to. If she doesn't go through the process of learning it she will not grow to be the woman she wants to be. I call the attitude Pre-Teen-Itis since it came on so fast over the summer. I try to make time for her during the day, even if it just a half an hour to try to connect. Some days it works and some it doesn't but the effort is there. My hope is that when she really needs me, she knows I am available to talk to. It's hard but I have a thirteen year old boy too and you can't let the "my friends do it" excuse stand.

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