5th grade boys starting to like girls.

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How do I approach my 5th grade son about him having a girlfriend? I don't want him to have a girlfriend I want him to focuse in school, this is his last year of elementary I want him to do well academically. What do I do?


Javeia - posted on 01/01/2014




As a reassurance just remember that at this age having a bf/gf just means passing notes and maybe holding hands. Check out his behavior if he is acting way out of the ordinary say if he is reading or watching something he would never watch he may be love struck. It is nowhere near the sneaking out of the house and ditching homework to hang out with the girl down the street teenager. Just casually bring it up driving in the car one day. Flat out ask him. Don't sugar coat anything because in the future it will be easier. Ask him who is the prettiest girl in school or who is going to be his valentine.

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