How old are babies when they usually hold their head up, roll, sit, crawl, stand, walk???

Rebecca - posted on 12/26/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




i just wanted to know as my older son was really fast in all this now my younger son is rolling and I just wnated to know if he is late or early as well


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Becky - posted on 12/28/2010




i have been the head infant teacher for a leading private preschool for 5 years.... what i have seen in the past 5 years as "normal" was holding head up around 2-3 weeks), rolling over around 2 months, sitting up usually around 5-6 months, crawling between 6-8 months (if they ever crawl at all..some just walk), standing normally around 7-10 months, and walking around 9-14 months.

My son was a bit early in it all..not really sure why, he just is never happy with what he is doign and wants to do more haha...
my son held is head up at ONE DAY old.. rolled over at 6 weeks, sat up at 5 months, crawled at 6 months 1 day, stood on his own (and could sit back down from standing) at 6 1/2 months, and started walking at 8 months 2 days (he is going to be 9 months on Dec 30 and is walking about 9 -10 steps at a time now)

Bethany - posted on 12/27/2010




My son began holding his head up around 2 weeks, he rolled over at about a month and a half. they sit up usually around 5 months, crawl usually around 6 or 7 months stand usually around 9 months or so and they usually begin walking around 10 to 12 months. Hope this helps..

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