What is the best way to show your child love?


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Radna - posted on 10/08/2012




Ok...this is maybe to blunt but i'm going there anyway....

They best way IMHO to show your kid love is to make it FEEL loved....

You don't have to be perfect just do perfectly your best...I didn;t have that example..on the contrary I had the perfect example how NOT to be a mom but it helped me ....I knew since i was a kid I would do it different and I do ...and did...:)

it's the little things that count....having silly nights like cookie night ,PJ day , prince/princess day ...all which we as adults would think of uh not good being educational but as parents...the bomb..special days for the kids ....a break from the daily "rules" and events .

I also believe that no matter how the day went....every night before they go to sleep you tell them you love them....I have this little rhyme I've been saying to my oldest and still to our youngest for 23 y now ...every day we're together ..it's a rhyme that says in different languages I LOVE YOU and till this day when the oldest is with us...he'll say it too.....

You know...sometimes being a mom is tough ....like being a wife you can feel unappreciated and insecure but...that's all us.We want to make no mistakes and want to be the perfect mom , wife , friend etc etc ,,,,too bad ...perfect doesn't exists....no one can tell you what to do or how to do even though we all love to try ....

It basically all come down to place yourself in the other one ( child ,spouse , friend etc) how would you love to be treated , talked to ,when will you feel loved , appreciated no matter what ....there lies the answer....

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I posted this previously in another thread, but I feel it is worth repeating. I got this from an email/devotion type that I receive daily:

Everyone was designed to respond to affection.  With rare exceptions, children are especially responsive to meaningful, tender touch.  The hugs and kisses they receive from their parents from the moment they are born create a reservoir of security in their hearts. 

          Both genders need it from both parents. Sons and daughters fare far better if they receive plenty of lap time from their moms and dads.  They sleep better at night when their parents have stopped by their rooms to tell them how much they love them, to pray over them, and to kiss them good night. 

          And that type of parental love shouldn't stop as they move into the teenage years.  While they might be self-conscious about receiving affection from you in front of their friends, they still need meaningful touch.  It might be a hand on their shoulder, a playful punch on the arm, or some wrestling in the pool.  They still need touch, and deep down in their hearts, they want it. They want to know that someone isn't ashamed or afraid to touch them. 

          It's a crucial gift they need at a time in their lives when many feel unattractive and untouchable. 

          Healthy, meaningful touch toward our sons and daughters makes it easy for them to give and receive affection as adults.  It also gives them a clear sense of the counterfeit that masquerades as affection.  It helps them to transfer the legacy of love they have received from you to the next generation in your family tree. 

Tracy - posted on 04/12/2009




consistence, always doing the same thing over and over. especially when they get into trouble. even they don't like it now, they really will appreciate it later in life. they want security.

Melissa - posted on 04/11/2009




I agree telling your child everyday that you love him and that your always be here for him is the best way to show your love. Hugs and kisses are a wonderful think to do. Alot of parent i see just show their love with taking their kids out or buying them stuff to show their love, thats wrong! When a child gets older they will always remember the lilttle things. When he does something wrong say its ok. Just teach them the right way. They'll Feel the love. Hope this helps.....

Samantha - posted on 04/10/2009




Constant HUGS and KISSES....and always telling them you LOVE them. Thats what I do with my boys, my oldest is 13 and when ever we are on the phone right before we hang up I tell him I love him and I give him hugs and kisses just because, I also give hugs and kisses to my youngest who is 6 going on 7. I give him more hugs and kisses because you know he is younger and my oldest gets embarrased sometimes that mommy still kisses him. But my youngest LOVES mommy's kisses and hugs....and QUALITY time together...do some mommy and son/s day or activity. I hope this helps.

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