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Mothers of children with fathers in prison

I would like to connect with other moms who have an absent parent in prison. It's a tough life ladies, whether you are still in a "relationship" with them or not, whether they see them/how much contact...the absent parent's extended family and it's ball of issues....can we get some support?


14 yrs to go

My husband has been incarcerated for a year now. He just got sentenced 15years a couple months ago we have two daughters 3&4 I am completey committed to my husband. Our kids...


Not alone

My husband is in prison right now, and has been in since April of this year. Fortunately, he gets out January 21st, so we're halfway there. I am absolutely still 100% committed...


Seeing their father

My boyfriend of 13 years was just recently given 4 do 2 years, for something we really feel he didn't do. But we didn't want to take it to trial when he could have to serve a...