Mothers of Children with Hemangiomas (birthmark)

This group is for mother of children born with a Hemangioma (birthmark). A hemangioma is a vascular malformation of the face or internaly. This form of birthmark is a misgrowing of the veins in the skin or body and will grow usualy for the first six months of a childs life. Sometimes needing medical intervention. My daughter was born with hers but most arn't present on a child till they are around a week old. I would like this to be a sort of support group for mothers of these children. I would love to share treatment informantion and options with you. I will post link to info when I have a chance. My daughter is currently still under treatment so we have to travel to take her to BC Childrens Hospital alot. I don't care if you just need someone to talk to that's ok :) This is so common I can't beleive there isn't a group up here already. 1 in 20 children are born with these birthmarks and there are beter options out there than steroids. My daughter has glasses now because of the steroids and she is only 8 months old.



Hi I just found this group and joined, my son is 12 months and almost a week, he has a strawberry we call it on the back of his ear and on his neck. We had never seen anything...


Frustrated mom

I've read others requests for advice on dealing with their children's birthmarks, and I'm sad to say that I have none. However, I want anyone reading this to know that you are...



My son developed a hemangioma birthmark at 4 weeks on the right side of his head just above the temple. It started as little red dots, and has now grown about the size of a...