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Mothers of Children with Learning Disabilities

A support group for mom's dealing with problems associated with learning disabilites. As a mom who has 2 children who has these problems I know how overwhelming it can seem and how support is so important. Sometimes navigating the school system can be the hardest part. I am hoping to share my ideas and get some new ones. Every small thing helps.



I was hoping all of you that I invited might be able to share some ideas you have seen or heard of to help overcome LD. As you may or may not know Samantha is dyslexic which has...



my 4 yr old has been diagnosed with this learning disability and has been watched for 6mth or more by several Health visitors. i am currently learning and then teaching basic...


Happy Holidays!

Hi to everyone! I haven\'t been here much because of course school is out and it\'s a time to take a break from all the stress of dealing with my daughters problems. And of...