Emma - posted on 02/12/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 4 yr old has been diagnosed with this learning disability and has been watched for 6mth or more by several Health visitors. i am currently learning and then teaching basic sign language to my daughter to aid and progress her learning. are there any mum's in similar situations or have experienced this condition?


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Jodie - posted on 01/26/2010




Hi I have a 11 year with dyspraxia also he doesnt have the verbal side though but he suffers alot in school to and I find it very hard to find teachers that take this disability serious. Most times he comes across as a naughty boy.He constantly forgets things is very unorganised and cant organise anything, he cant do sport as he is well behind his peers and he knows now so he gets very frustrated.I have thought about homeschooling him but he is a very social boy but he doesnt have a lot of friends as they cant understand his disabilities.When he is nervous he tends to squeal and get really loud or tends to get into peoples personal space as he doesnt understand .Its a very frustrating disability as you cant see it and poeple just look and see a naughty child.His feeding habits are bad also he only likes to eat finger foods that dont take much chewing the only meat he eats is maccas cheeseburgers.He wont eat any other buregers or meat.He is an special class at school but this just makes him feel even more different but a normal class at school would isolate him more as he has made friends in this class that are like him.Again he is very immature for his age my 5 year old daughter is more matture then my son its a little scary.He goes to dancing which he loves but i had to go through about 19 dance schools before they would take him and understand his disability as he is always one steo behind evryone and he dances with kids about 3 years younger then him and at the moment he hasnt noticed but Im sure he will soon so Im desperately trying to find another hobby for him that he can do as hewould love to be able to so sport and other children activties but he just cant due to his dysparaxia.Goodluck with your journey its like a rollercoaster one week you will be going great then all of a sudden you are on a down hill and dont know what to do but keep in touch and hopefully we will be able to offer each other some help

Kerry - posted on 08/27/2009




my son has dyspraxia he is now 15 i have found it very hard to cope with this condition although people tell me in doing well.my son suffers more with his memory and is very imerture for his age ,he gets in to alot of trouble at school because of his frustrationwith this condition but i feel he will get on better in life once he leaves school as the academic side of things he duz nt do well in ,he has problems with his feeding habits and likes to eat finger foods rather than have any thing that would have to be cut up he also has hand tremors which he hates at times.

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