Mothers of children with sickle cell

A community that can provide support for mothers who have children with sickle cell



Moms we put our children first. As a result many have come off their 9-5 and or started their own business. How many Mompreneurs do we have here?



Has anyone with sickle cell or their child received the transcranial doppler test? The doctors have asked me to get this performed on my 10 year old son. My son has been...


Hello Other Mothers

Hi my name is Shakara and I am really happy to see this community. Kimberly Thank you starting this. Also.........Did anybody read the sickle cell article that was in...


expect the expected!

My son was diagnosed with sickle cell disease when he was only 2 weeks old and he is 41/2 months old now. Even though he has the mildest form, which is called "Sickle Beta Plus...


Hello everyone!

Wow it has been such a long time! I just looked over at the number of members & I am truly amazed and blessed that this group is of interest to so many! I want to keep this...


hello ladies!

Just wanted to say hello and i hope that everyone had a blessed and wonderful holiday! I want to thank each of you for joining and would also like to get some feedback about...