12 year old son with TS

Angie - posted on 02/21/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there - I recently found this great place and am looking for someone who is maybe going through the same thing we are. Our son was diagnosed 6 years ago with Tourettes and ADHD, pretty sure he has OCD as well. He OBSESSES about things - mostly food. Or if he gets something in his head, he does not stop bugging about it (for example a PS2 game he wants) until he gets it or we really have to get on him about it. We have are having trouble with school. He has always been an 'A' student but this year he is having problems with turning in papers late, forgetting to do things, etc. It is SO frustrating. He can't take Strattera because he can't swallow them - they get stuck in his throat. That is the only ADHD med they will give him because all the others affect his TS. SO - at this point, we are on nothing. None of the TS meds really helped. They caused side effects that weren't so great - agitation, some aggressiveness, depression....we just make sure we limit video game time because we have noticed that has a huge effect on his TS and ADHD. The schoolwork thing is a source of great frustration and anxiety. We are having to check his math homework nightly because he goes through it so quickly that he ends up missing half the problems. We have had to have his teacher sign his assignment book to prove that we wrote down the assignments and then we have to look at them when he gets home. Just wondered if anyone else was trying this without meds or if any other meds helped their kids or if you have a child about the same age going through the same things. I would love to hear from ANYONE! :0) Thanks all! Angie


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Chrissy - posted on 04/04/2009




My son Nathaniel is 12 and has ADD/ADHD,TS,OCD. I can totally relate to what you are going through..He suffers some what with school,he is Mr.Jackle/Mr.Hide, I get so irritated with people that say things about him and it hurts because they don't understand what he is going through. I found that works the best to help him is playing sports. He loves baseball,football & basketball. Once he started playing sports he was able to control his mood swings I mean we still have them but not as bad. The only meds so far that has helped my son is AdderallXR & Clonidine. Its hard for us as mothers to see our child go through this but being strong and finding the right support or other moms helps. Not sure if this helps any but just wanted to let you know I understand and you are not alone. If you ever need to talk I am here.Take care & Good luck!!



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Hi Angie,

My daughter, Faith, just was diagnosed this past fall and just turned 5yrs old.  She has OCD as well.  They are not sure yet but possible Asberger's but we don't think she fits this one.  I don't really have any experience with this or what you are dealing with but I see the schoolwork issue being a problem already.  She stutters as a tic and has trouble with writing her letters from right to left and also reversed/flipped at times.  Again, waxes and wanes with the Tourette's.  We also have rages that we never had before---like Jekyl/Hide and I feel like sometimes she is a totally different person.  I have my moments of wondering what to do, if we are doing the right things, worrying for her as she grows up, and the frustration of her having to go through all this.  She was born with a heart condition and had heart cath/ballooning at 3months old....eventually she will need open heart surgery but I am praying not for a very long time or never (that is unlikely though) and we also went through 2yrs of workup with CHOP for an immune system issue (neutropenia---basically she had low white blood cell counts as a person who would have been on chemo) that we hope she has outgrown.  Anyway, just wanted to say hi and sorry I don't really have anything to offer you at this point.  It sounds like you are doing all you can to help your son though.  Good luck! Kim=)

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