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Paula - posted on 05/21/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Does your child feel overwhelmed when he/she gets a school assignment such as a report or project to do? Does he/she use an aide in the classroom?

My 10 yr old son mentally shuts down with just the thought of what he's got to do in the time frame he's got to do it. I try to break it down into smaller more manageable tasks. Any suggestions on how to help him without doing his homework for him (he's got to learn-----5th grade grade approaching!)


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Cindy, This post was very helpful for me. My son is starting to have major stress issues with school/homework this year and he's only in 3rd grade! You've given me some good ideas for future IEP meetings! Thanks, Dana

Tonya - posted on 11/05/2009




same here my daughter is in the 5 th grade and has the same problem. she also has a hard time reading and math. i was told to cut it in half and when she has to find a awnser in a book i'm to out line the paragraph for her that way it cuts down her reading and its not so overwelming to her.

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OH BOY! That has been a big issue with my son. He is 15 now, and has been on a IEP since gr 3. The biggest problem with TS kids is stress. I have worked non stop with his schools and teacher assistants on this very subject. I have always tried to be sure Ryan does the same stuff all the other kids do, he just has a different way to do it.

example; Math. instead of a full sheet of work, we would copy it and cut it down to 3 pages. 5 questions are less stressful than 20 at a time!

And why do they need to ask 3x7=? then 7x3=? FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

reading. He was allowed to read by himself or in the library so he could read out loud. (He couldn't read in his head)

He also had a problem keeping his space because of tics, so I was allowed to read to him, and I got him to follow with a ruler.

in high school, things got tougher. A lot of assignments! We lowered the number of projects he had to do. 5 instead of 8 kinda thing. He is also given extra time to complete.

Also, when given an exam, he would go to a different room and do it orally and have his TA write his answers down for him. After all it's about what he knows, not what he can put on paper! (I fought hard for that one!!)

Hope this helps!


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