Meds for tics causing tics!!!!!!

Sheila - posted on 05/31/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is diag. with ADHD, Aspergers, OCD and now tourettes, the adhd meds caused him to start having tics, (we've just about tried all adhd meds) then we gave him meds just for tics and they caused him to have more tics, so now i don't have him on anything at all. He at one point had stopped tics all together and neurologist put him on colondine and he has been ticking ever since and he has been off meds for 2 months now. This really upsets me because he had stopped.


Nataly - posted on 10/26/2017




I've never written a blog before but I felt I needed to do this and hopefully help a desperate parent. My 6 year old son was diagnosed with a tic disorder 2 years ago. His Tics started soon after his dad and I split up. It started with his nose twitching and eventually developed into strong neck twitches/jerks. At first I thought maybe his neck was sore or he was just trying to stretch. After a few days his neck was twitching 10-15 times a minute nonstop all day....stress seemed to make it worse. I took him to the doctor and said this was normal and it should go away in about a year, if it didn't then the doctor would diagnose with Tourette's. I was furious, they said all I could do was wait and hoped it went away! I couldn't wait a whole year, i think i was driving myself nuts thinking of his future. I tried different doctors, they all told me the same. I tried special diets with nothing artificial, trust me when I say I had tried everything and had zero results. It seemed there was no hope for my son, until I ran into an article that said some children can be lacking Magnesium. I read article after article, I became obsessed with learning about Magnesium deficiency. After trying just about everything with my son, I felt we had nothing to lose so I bought NATURAL VITALITY KIDS NATURAL CALM MULTI. I not kidding, my sons twitching drastically reduced within the first week. He went from 10-15 twitches a minute to only 3-5 within the first week. After taking his vitamins everyday/twice a day he was Tic free within 3 months (I was giving him 1 tablespoon for breakfast and one more after school). It took me 2 years to make this blog because I needed to be sure! The first year, I was so paranoid his Tics were going to return. He still twitches his little nose once in a while but it's not noticeable at all, looks like he just has an itch. I do remember my son complaining the vitamins making his tummy sore the first week, Magnesium should be taken carefully because it will make your child have a bowel movement. The taste was really bad too, I had to try so many different ways to make him take it. Sadly he was so desperate as well to get rid of his twitches, he stopped caring about the taste. I hope this helps a parent in need, keep trying! I know my son was very lucky and this might not work for everyone. Don't lose hope, sending everyone positive vibes!


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Janelle - posted on 12/10/2012




Hi Sheila and Dana,

There's not a lot of activity going on regarding this issue. But I wanted to touch bases on the meds issue. We're going through it right now. Haven't found the right magical combination yet. I'd like to know why the neurologist put him on colondine if he wasn't ticking Sheila? I mean, I'm not against it, just curious. And it's very true that the tics seem to come and go on their own. Anything can set them off for days/weeks/months at a time then just subside.

I know I can always count on my son seeming completely normal during extended breaks from school. And if he's ill or under the weather with a stuffy nose from seasonal allergies then they get worse. If he's tired they get worse. If he's pressured or challenged they get worse.

Just confirmed with the dr. to start adding another med to help my boy (9). He's currently on Risperdone and we're adding Clozapam (I think), well I'll get the name when she calls me back. Good luck to us all and Merry Christmas.

Dana - posted on 07/27/2012




I'm not saying it's not the medicine, because of course I don't know, but sometimes tics do just come and go or get worse then better. I know we went through alot of trial and errors to find the right combo. Check out this video, Dr. Walkup describes a little about this.

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