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Stephanie - posted on 05/05/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Does anyone else's child have a problem with bursting out inappropriate comments in public? My daughter has a HUGE issue with it. Her teacher has even mentioned it to me. She is only 8 years old, and is a super girly girl. She doesn't like gross things, getting dirty upsets her to no end. She likes everything to be pink and glittery, and is into baby dolls and playing dress up. I can not stress enough how girly she is.... But so many times I can not even count, she blurts out things about "pooting" and "poop" and has even said things at school about people getting blown up and bloody accidents, etc. It embarrasses her when it happens. She gets very upset with herself, and says she doesn't know why she says it but that she just can't help it. She attends a very small private school so I won't even explain how much attention this has drawn. Any suggestions on what to do? Does anyone else's child have this problem?


Dana - posted on 06/22/2011




My son is 10 and also does this, but he thinks it's funny. He says exactly the same things as your daughter. I try not to let it embarrass me because I know that's just him. I tell him all the time how inappropriate it is but that just a waste of my breath! He'll say sorry when I tell him how much I don't like that talk, but he still laughs about it. I've never had the teacher mention it to me (thankfully!) but he's always talking like that at home or when we are out. I use jars with bingo chips as a reward system for good behavior, but it doesn't seem to help stop this kind of talk. If you have any suggestions please share!!! I know exactly what you are dealing with!!

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