Mothers of Depressed Young Adult Children

My Young Adult Child seems to be very depressed and mad at the whole world. I am very worried about him. He is not on drugs (he's been checked by a doctor) and he will not speak, he is letting himself go appearance wise and he seems to be losing his mind. I feel he is just severely depressed. I am a 39 year old mom and need someone to talk to who has been through this or knows of someone who has. I am torn apart not knowing what to do to help my child. he is over 18 and the law says there is not much I can do without his permission. Any suggestions are welcome.


My 7 year old son..

My son is 7 and until recently he has been a very happy, talkative, playful child. Over Christmas break he went out of state to visit his father for a few weeks. I talked to him...



Good Morning! I have an update where my son is concerned. I finally got legal guardianship of my 20 year old son. I was then able to get him help. He is now getting counseling...