Mothers of Gifted children

This is a group I wanted to create for us mothers out there with these beautiful gifted children who the public school system wants to hold back because of the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT! If that wasn't the dumbest bill ever passed into law!!! I myself am an educator, I will soon be teaching Undergraduate studies at The University of Southern California (USC) GO TROJANS..... I was offered a position back east but I think ill stay a west coast girl. If interested please join. I am eager to converse with mothers like me going through it with the school systems out there. I have TONS OF RESOURCES and can advise if and when needed. I AM A TRUE ADVOCATE FOR EDUCATION :)


Language Milestones

It probably doesn't matter because my gifted daughter is now grown, 24, but I am curious, how common is it for gifted children to skip language milestones. Until my daughter...


Twin envy

One of my twin daughters has joined a gifted and talented teaching program and has attended that for all of her school life (12 years old) I am playing the part of the proud...



Corrin as a friend and one of my best writers, I must say you are extremely driven and goal oriented. To have been through the things you have endured you came out like a...