Mothers of Hemophiliacs

This community is for Mothers of Hemophiliacs. We can use this Community to exchange questions and concerns about our children, and their conditions.


Restrictions for PE and Playground

Hi, My son Alex is in the 1st grade and is a severe hemophiliac. I was wondering if anyone has had any expierence with schools and alternative activities during PE. How your...



hello im mom with a boy whom has hemophilia a and adhd love to meet new mom s


My little boy..

I was just wondering if any of your sons were circumcised at birth? My son's doc refused to do it, and now we are going to Riley Hospital every six months and trying to plan an...


What to expect?

Hey everyone! Im Jessica, 22 from Tn. My little man is Karson and is 4 months old and has severe hemophilia A. It wasnt in my family so its considered a genetic mutation. My...