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Our kids whether they are bio, adopted, foster, step or sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends of the family, hopefully their lives are by society's standards normal. Unfortunately, some will choose to take the paths of personal and social destruction. They will visit the Desert of Desperation. This journey is not usually taken alone. When our kids or loved ones travel down these anti-social roads they create pathways for us to travel on the way. It is hard to contend with the lying, stealing, drug use, drug selling, prostitution, prison and the ultimate the news that someone we love has died. We feel alone, that we are the only one that this nightmare is happening too. What did we do, why did they do this to themselves and us. These and alot more questions I hope will be there to help people who are living this day to day. I hope that people who have come out on a brighter side can help people with ideas and advise to let them know they are never alone. The creator of this site truly cares about these issues. I am living them this very minute. I hope I will be able to help someone else or at least let them know they are not alone.