Mother's of late miscarriage/ neonatal death

Mothers who experienced a late miscarriage or neonatal death. A place where you can share your story, your feelings with other women, and remember our children that we have lost♥



So today's the day of my Freddie's 1st birthday I gave birth to him at 21 weeks this is my second loss we lost Morgan at full term nearly 10 years ago no one has remembered what...


Anniversary Soon

My little boys anniversary is due on 20th May. It will be one year since my beautiful little boy passed away. Strangely I find it more difficult to deal with now than I ever did...


Is it my fault??

My husband and I have been having a big fight lately, because he blames me for losing our son. I lost my son at 20 weeks becasue he had gotten the cord wrapped around him and...


bereavement items

Does anyone have any other good websites that have bereavement items? I would really like to have a mother holding a baby angel or something similar, either a print or little...



I am hoping more people will join my community. I'm posting because it shows the last update and I would like everyone to see that I do check it daily.