Mothers of older

This group is for moms who have teens or young adults with peer issues, drug or alcohol problems, depression, chronic illness, independence issues or other special needs.It is also for moms of older "children" since you never stop being a mom! It will remain open until we have members in it and then we will close for privacy!


Do some kids EVER grow up???

I know the literature says they all mature at different ages and some may not be ready for independence until late in their 20's. Okay....I can accept that! But what the heck...


Hi, I'm Marti!

I have six kids and my youngest has multiple issues that he and I have to deal with. Due to learning disabilities and ADHD, he often needs help working through systems and...


To medicate or not with ADD/ADHD

My son was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age. We tried medicating, but the side effects were worse that the ailment. There are now some new kinds of drugs out there that...