Mothers of older children who have died.

My son Stephen died of suicide on Oct 12 2008.It has been the worst feeling I have ever had,not only coping with my son's death but also in the way he died.My heart breaks more and more everyday and the tears don't stop.If anyone out there is dealing with the same pain get in touch with me.


lost teenagers

Just wondering how many out there who have lost a teenager. My daughter was killed in an auto/semi crash along with her cousin and 2 other friends. Three were 16 and one was 15.


22 year old Son passes

July 11, 2010 I lost my Oldest Son very unexpectidly. I am looking for other parents going through similar situations and particular frustrations with his death and couping. god...


Loss of Control

It is just so, so confusing. All of this. I was struck again on my way home today from the grocery store.. on the express way and started to cry so hard that I tought I would...


Mandi's Birthday

Today, Mandi would have been 29. My husband and daughters want to celebrate her birthday. I don't want to celebrate. I ask myself am I being unfair to them? I feel like I...


My son Bradley age 24

I don't know how I will survive the rest of my life without him. Depression runs in my family, and we suffered together. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful doctor along...