Tell me I’m not alone!

Tammy - posted on 10/01/2018 ( no moms have responded yet )




On July 5 of 2018 my 13-year-old daughter was sexually coerced into a situation. While this encounter took place what was supposed to be a really good friend decided to videotape it. When I first found out of the encounter I thought it was something she had consented to. I took her to the doctor, put her on birth control, and we had a long deep discussions about her choices. About a week after all of that Harley turn officer showed up at my door proceeding to tell me that there was a videotape of this and counter and that it was placed on social media. My daughter then came clean to my husband and myself in regards to what it actually occurred that dreadful evening. Her first day of eighth grade consisted of a student walking into the class and calling her the whore of the town. Now knowing all of the information I know my daughter and I have more deep conversations about the encounter. Not only is my child victim of sexual assault but also of pornography. I spoke to the county attorney this morning that’s all that’s in charge of the case and three months later he still has not heard a single word of this incident. Tell me I’m not crazy for fighting for my child tell me I’m not crazy that I’m going out of my mind in knowing that this is the first sexual encounter she ever had and this is but she’ll remember for the rest of her life. She walks around in public as if nothing ever happened but when she’s But when she’s home she sleeps and just lays there and stares at the ceiling. I’m strong in front of her but when I’m not around or I’m losing my mind.

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