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I am confused at why most mothers are comfortable with avoiding this topic. You can not simply do the kind of way just telling him , its ok to do it it is normal natural. That just is not enough sometimes. You need to be more involved, if you don't want to find him jerking off into your used panties then be open about it. Ask him things that he thinks about when he is jerking off. Find out when he ejaculates does he do it onto his own laundry so you know when to be careful picking things off the floor. I am sure moms dont want to be shocked when they pick up a towel from sons floor and get a handful of his cum on their hands. Point here is as a mom to stop being so timid about that topic with him.


Hope - posted on 11/26/2017




Great points. Not many secrets in our house which has been a blessing in the relationship between all 3 of us. Communicating with your child is very important. I have friends who won't even mention sex with their kids. It's crazy. One of them found out last year their 12 year old daughter has had sex with 4 boys and 2 men over 25 (one a teacher who went to jail for it). So yes, talk to your kids.


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