Almost 4 yo with CP using reverse walker looking into wheelchair/stroller. Any suggestions???

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Hello. I am new here, but I wish I knew about it much earlier!!

My son is almost 4 and he has Spastic Diplegia CP. He uses reverse walker to walk, but only for short distance. So we have been using stroller or carry him for longer distance. He is still smaller for his age about 30lb and just fine in the stroller weight wise. However, he is not comfortable in stroller for long period. We are going to see specialist in wheelchair clinic soon to see what options he may have. My thought is some kind of wheelchair as my son associates stroller as baby (he has a little sister).

Can anybody suggest good wheelchair or stroller by name so that I know what may be available for him?? Wheelchair clinic we are going to is NOT only for pediatric, so I am a little nervous that we don't get variety of options for him. We can go to pediatric hospital a little over an hour away if we feel necessary. So please help me get prepared what is available out there so we know if we should go see pediatric specialist or not at our appointment.



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Ai - posted on 08/28/2012




Thanks for your input! I do feel wheelchair (probably a self propel one) would be a good fit for him as he is very independent and I believe he has the ability to do that. My agony is that we don't want him to take an advantage of the chair and not use his walker as much. We have talked his therapists and discussed this concern and they think he will be fine introducing chair as he is very motivated to walk.

Is there any particular model or company you recommend??

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Are you looking to get a manual or power chair? This is an important consideration for your son to be as independent as possible, at as early an age as possible. If he can use his arms well (which he probably can since he is diplegic) then he will be propelling himself when someone is not pushing him. If he is not strong enough (or you don't foresee him being strong enough) then a power chair will benefit him & his independence. Definitely go for the manual if he is able to get himself around - this will be best for his independence & self-esteem in the long run!

Also, strollers are great for younger kids & also for ones who don't spend the majority of their time sitting. For those that sit more often than not, it's so important to try to get seating that is custom fit to the users in order to avoid secondary issues like scoliosis, pressure sores, aching back/hips, etc. Whatever you end up getting, you should try to be sure that it can "grow" with him for the next several years and that it has proper support (headrest, laterals, knee blocks) but not more than he actually needs. The vendor should be working in unison with a PT or OT so that your son can get what HE needs, not what the vendor wants to sell.

All the best! Feel free to contact me directly should you have any more questions on this or any other topic =D

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