Any other moms with a daughter with special needs that is growing closer to becoming a young adult?

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My daughter is almost 10 years old. She has "corpus callosum agnese". She is a child with special needs. She is on her way to become a young adult and I'm not sure how to prepare for all of these challenges. How does other moms handle this? I'm afraid that it's going to take time for her to understand what's happening with her body as she starts to become a "women". Any advise from someone in the same situation or already through it?


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Mandy - posted on 07/12/2010




I felt the same way as you. I was so horrified. Afraid she would "freak out" I started having her carry a purse with a pad in it. I let her put what ever else she wanted in it. Of course being delayed the things in it was far below her AGE level. So what she was comfortable with it! The kids know more than they give us credit for. It will be a comfortable transition, no matter what you think. I am a worry wort too. It all worked out for my Brittane and I am sure it will for you.

Lynelle - posted on 05/22/2009




I have a daughter that is on her way to becoming a young adult. i am nervous of preparing her for this. she is developmentally delayed.

Barb - posted on 05/21/2009




I have a 16 year old daughter with Down's Syndrome, she started developing fairly early, which I believe is common for kids with Down's. I'm not familiar with your daughter's needs, but I was amazed at how well my daughter handles everything. I usually stress more than necessary, she always surprises us with her maturity. Where can I get more info on corpus callosum agnese?

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