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Im having a tough time bringing up groups or forums for kids with ID, From my research It seems like there pretty similar, since the DX says my son is only on autism spectrum for the laugage delay I feel alone. I mean I am coming to deal with that ID is just a DX is not does identify who he is,but wish there were other parents who had this DX's . Is it really that big of a difference from Autism?



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Hello!! So happy to meet you you on because i thought I was alone too! My son was diagnosed with ID he is five and in special needs kindergarten and most people think he has autism. Our developmental ped said Let everyone know loudly he does not have autism and should not be treated like he does. All diagnoses have similar behaviors so dont compare them I did it forever and wore myself out. My son is a happy five year old and his language gets better every day. I am very proud of how far he has come and am ready to climb more and more with him . this is my blog....I hope you read all the times I was screaming and feeling helpless not only because of my health problems, but now my son. I learned to look it at as a blessing and a learning tool for everyone we meet and know. Most people dont understand why his speech is off. They see a big healthy regularly looking boy and assume he is fine. When he talks he can get his point across and knows everything that is going on and will express his opinion. It doesnt come out at his age level so most people dont know what to say or just plain go blank. Understand that is the nature of people, alot of us dont go through postive trainings in our lives so most people dont handle it well when it comes to something like this. My mom said " you need to get thick skin because you are going to get your feelings hurt." so thick skin I have now...and feel like a million bucks.

..Do what ever your child needs and fight to get them therapies and has much as it as you can. My son gets 240 minutes a month of speech at school and 240 minutes of occupational therapy at school 1 hour week outside of school of speech and occupational therapy, does special needs sports clubs and goes to kindergarten full time like a regular boy. Everyday is a mircle for us he talks and learns faster and faster. I never thought we would make it this far. So my words to you are dont feel sad, feel blessed. I hope you read my blog and it inspires hope for you and if you need anything email me or we can talk on the phone at any time.

Anaquita - posted on 09/25/2012




Uh by ID did you mean language delay, or something else? I'm not sure if that was a lower case l, or an upper i.

Some kids honestly just have some delays, including with language. Some kids, it's part of being on the spectrum. (provided it's not in the Aspergers category) The main difference is a delay can potentially be worked out, and outgrown. Whereas autism is permanent, and encompasses more than just a language delay.

That all being said, I'm sure you could find plenty of threads and advice about language delay, even in the autism group.

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