Chromosome 8 partial deletions?

Laura - posted on 10/05/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Just putting the word out there for any parents who have children with Chromosome 8 partial deletions (or whole) Our daughter Hanna is 5 and has a partial deletion on Chromosome 8 (12-21.3) unbalanced. I have yet to come across anyone else with this exact deletion but have met parents of children with one or two numbers the same that are missing. The main parts of Hanna's condition that are noticeable is her severe expressive language delay, microcephaly (small head circumference) and an overall global development delay. She is a very happy creative expressive young lady despite these challenges.

Looking forward to hearing from anybody who may have children with similar chromosomal abnormalities.


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Sierra - posted on 09/06/2011




Hi, I have a daughter with chromosome 8 partial deletion. It's the last 11 genes on P end of the chromosome. She's 8 months old and slacking on motor skills. She seems over all healthy, thank God and loves to talk and eat!:) She hasn't rolled over yet and now learning how to lift her head and sit up with help. She also has a translocation between chromosome 8 and X ..and a duplication of Xp. You called it, she has it! I would love to interact with other mommies with similar chromsome disorders! Thanks!

Sheila - posted on 06/29/2011




Hi my daughter is six year old and she has chromosome 8 inverted duplication deletion 8p....she has developmental delays....seizures ....walks with assistance ....low tone muscle cant talk ...severe hearing loss and hypoglycemia ....hypothyroid. she is very sociable 45 pounds in weight n 3 feet 8 inches tall....we are in oahu and she is my only child. she cant feed herself but hasa gtube and for milk feeding bolus but can take foods orally with supervision...hope to hear from u...u can contact me by email at

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