goats milk?

Tara - posted on 11/28/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




recently my daughter who is 3 months old has been sneezing coughing and wheezing for almost a month i hate this one doctor but it was the only one who would take my daughter yester (saturday) her only technology in her dr office is a note book and telephone she always suggests weird things she had just said to give my baby goats milk is she weird or is this really going to work? she also said it will help with her spitting up that she has a formula allergy cuz ew haave tried every formula made and nothing is helping


Jennifer - posted on 12/01/2010




My son was born with severe allergies, eczema and asthma. He is now almost 6 yrs. old and for most of his life he was on Neocate formula. At first we tried all of the milk formulas but he would projectile vomit, cough, wheeze, etc. I had asked the doctor about goats milk and was told that it was very similar to cows milk. We then tried the soy formulas. Ahhh...that didn't work and then we finally had to go with the Neocate. I would suggest finding an allergist to take your daughter to. The best way to find out about food alergies is blood testing.


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Erin - posted on 12/02/2010




I have a friend whose daughter had severe issues (reflux/GERD, failure to thrive, constant respiratory illnesses). Her mom put her on goat's milk out of total desperation and she was almost instantly a new child. Goat's milk isn't really that unusual. For many centuries, it was probably the most common thing to feed babies who couldn't have breast milk, for whatever reason. Formula is a relatively recent invention and doesn't have some of the qualities that real milks have. Goats milk is just one more option out there. My friend used unpasteurized goat's milk, which is more controversial (as anything unpasteurized would be) but pasteurization destroys the enzymes that are part of what make the goat's milk so helpful.

I say this as a mom who was able to breast-feed both my children but had to get a g-tube for my older girl at age 3. She has multiple disabilities and no appetite so we were always forcing her to eat. She went downhill very severely after she weaned from nursing; we didn't realize that nursing was really the only thing keeping her at a certain nutritional baseline. She is now exclusively formula fed! I find it VERY ironic that she's been formula-fed now much longer than she was breastfed. There are many formulas out there and the most natural (like one that was blenderized real food) disagreed with her the most! She is on one of the least "natural" formulas now, for seizure control, and is absolutely thriving.

So in my book, whatever works for YOUR child, works. You should keep experimenting until you find whatever works. I wouldn't hesitate to try goat's milk. Formula is not some magic bullet, its just a mix of oils, sugars, minerals and chemicals. It isn't any more natural to go to formula than it is to use goat's milk. I would just make SURE you have a dietician who is monitoring what you are doing and keep looking until you find the diet that lets your girl thrive.

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They can use Elemental Formula (such as Neocate, as previously suggested). The problem with it though is it's so foul, many babies and children (and adults) will develop failure to thrive from it and end up with a feeding tube. Honestly, goat's milk may be your best alternative, but also request a vitamin supplement to provide what vitamins are not in it. Get a second opinion with an Allergist as well, just to go over what options you have, and have RAST testing done to determine if she is actually allergic or intolerant to the formulas - it will make a difference in the future.

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Well I don't know what might be wrong with your little girl but I was not able to nurse my son when he was born and he couldn't keep any amount of formula down so we gave him goat milk and he thrived on it. My pediatrician was all for it and advised us that goat milk was deficient in Vitamin B and that we would have to supplement that into his milk, which we did. Turns out that my son, like me, is allergic to soy and you would be hard pressed not to find soy in any formula. You can go down to Trader Joe's and get it by the quart unless you know some one who has a goat farm and is willing to let you have some for your little girl. It wont hurt her at all becuase goat milk is as close to breast milk as you can get with out actually being breast milk. I hope this information helps. Good luck with your daughter.

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that sounds like your doctor is a whack job! my son was doing the same thing and we tried everything finally we figured out it was acid reflux and started him on medicine he was a different baby after that the high pitched screaming and everything stopped.

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My son didn't sneeze, but he projectile vomited everything he ate until he was 1 and 1/2 years old. He had GERDS, but they couldn't do much about it as long as he was still gaining weight and progressing ok. They often suggest changing what you feed them and claim an allergy, but it might be true for you. At 3 months only, they need the nutrients in the formula still and can't be put on goats milk. I hope you find a pediatrician or a hospital who will let you try some other formulas for free - or ask for samples from the formula companies. However, the wheezing and sneezing has me wondering if the baby has been sick with viruses lately or an infection of some sort? And definitely, did s/o check for asthma or breathing trouble? They can get very sick as babies especially if they are predisposed to asthma like my daughter.

Jen - posted on 11/30/2010




I think you should research formula more, they make special formulas for different digestion and metabolic issues. Neocate is one but there are others. They are expensive but a lot of time insurance will cover them. Allergies are another thing to look in to. My daughter had a cows milk and milk protein allergy so she used soy formula. I think any milk beyond mother's milk is really only recommended after 1 year.

But I do have a friend who gives her daughter unpasteurized goats milk and feels it makes a difference for her.

SHEILA - posted on 11/29/2010




My daughter had reflux (has brian injury) and goat milk according to what I researched is easier on the stomach and is a good alternative for those who don't tolerate formula or cow's milk well. My daughter does well with goat's milk and it's surprisingly available in most grocery stores.

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