Hi anyone with a child that has Severe Sensory Integration Disorder as well as Severe ADHD?


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Terry - posted on 11/26/2008




Hi Michelle. Thanks for responding . My concern is trying to get him to focus in school. He is on the highest dose of Concerta possible right now but he is still struggling horribly!!. I feel bad for him because he does recognize that he is different than other kids. The Sensory end of it as well is difficult. He struggles alot with reading body language and some facial expressions. I am finding he is becoming more withdrawn because he struggles with his differences. He is 11.5 by the way.I guess I am just wondering if at any point will this get easier for him or will he always struggle. It breaks my heart because he is really intelligent, but because of the Sensory and ADHD people assume he is Mentally Challenged. We even had his IQ tested to prove this to the school and they were amazed at the results. I am in Alberta, Canada by the way.

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Hello! I have 3 boys that all have sensory issues combined with other things. My 13yr old also has Asperger's & Tourettes, my 11 yr has OCD, and my 8 yr old has Asperger tendencies also. My husband happens to have ADD also. The best thing we ever did was buy a mini trampoline... jumping is great for working their muscles, giving them the firm muscle impact and the only thing I've ever found that wears them out.
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