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Does anyone know how doctors figure out how far a child with Intellectual Disbility will mature to. Mentally, maturity, academically? My son is 8, his I.Q. is 65, He has had problems since about 6 months old. He has an I.E.P. and is in Special Needs classes in school.


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I tend to ignore the docs when they say my 7 year old son will "never" do something. He was diagnosed at the age of 4 as severely intellectually disabled. He would never carry a conversation, potty train and I could forget him being able to read, write or do arithmetic. He's now 7 and is no genius, but he's potty trained, speaks quite well, can do pre-school arithmetic and is learning to read! He's in a special needs class at school and doing very well.

I have challenged and bribed him into trying to do the things his non disabled siblings can do. He has floored his doctors, they have changed their diagnosis to moderately intellectually disabled. He may never be normal, but I think he'll be able to lead a fairly normal life. Follow your heart and do what you feel is right, you'll be amazed at what disabled kids are capable of!

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MY son was given this diagnosis recently by his Developmenatal ped because she says..she is unsure of what to say because he can do so many things and is very normal he reached all his milestones on time except was a late walker 17 months but so was I and I graduated college? so. He is almost Five can say his Abc's, potty trained, takes care of his baby sister when she falls and is sharing his toys more often. He has a speech delay which the preschool teachers said he can only "situationa talk" becuase he understands when he is thirsty say I wanna drink while in the kitchen. Most recently he has stopped alot of "situational talking" we wer at the park and he said Mom a mosquito bite me! ouch dum mosquito!. Yesterday my knee went out of joint and I was writhing in pain home alone with my kids..and my son said OMG call the doctor wheres the phone wheres the phone!! I was proud lying on the ground that he went to get the phone and said call the doctor mommy Omg! things dont happen everyday at all and he is reacting and learning fast. Dont accept anything they say about him I take my son to a church called the house of healing and our home church, I pray over him he prays with me, he even wont eat until we pray. His speech continues to get better even though hes not fully up to his age in languge hes learning fast and his congnition is coming up fast dont lose hope and have the faith!!


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My son just turned 8. He has to be tested every 3 years for him to be on the MR waiver for the state to be able to get Title 19. I don't have a number, probably wouldn't make any sense to me anyway, but I know he's on the borderline ID mark. When I found out this was a possibility - at about 2 1/2 - I researched online for anything I could find, because the dr's wouldn't tell me anything. Probably for the best, as one mentioned, you aren't going to know what your child is going to do until they do it. Right now, he's learning to read - by sight words, he is unable to learn through phonics or even know his ABC's. I'm just so excited (as are his teachers) that he's responding so well to this way of learning. Just don't let his teachers tell you that he can't learn! He can. I had a teacher that was unable to see that my son could learn, FINALLY they moved her on and my son got another teacher, he has responded so well to her! Believe that your son can and will do anything that you ask of him. He may not do it in the 'conventional' way, but he can do it. At his own pace!

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the only thing an IQ score can do for you is help your son receive services to help in his life. My 20 year old daughter has an intellectual disability along with being blind, and physical limitations. I believe her last IQ score was extremely low, just like it has been since her first testing. No one has tried to give me a prognosis. They (specialists) just state she is not able to do something and of course we prove them wrong. With my daughter she just needs links in her learning behavior to connect the information. Since she has started working during the Summer and finally making decisions. She is growing into a intelligent young lady. He intellect ranges from 2 years to 10 years with some aspects of high function teen. Our special child will continue to learn each day. Your son will surprise you with what intelligence he has and there is not a cut off to the maturity level. I just love it when my daughter laughed at a joke the first time, especially since the joke went over several individuals heads. hehehe. Life is a game of learning and growing for everyone.

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That's a very hard figure to predict. It's less based on IQ than it is on a combination of things found during a full evaluation - it's called a GAF score. This is not set in stone, and focusing on life skills vs intellectual does show improvement for many kids for function as well as intensive therapy and services such as ILS (Independent Living Skills) through social services. - Child version, same scale.

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My persona opinion (having a developmentally delayed child) is no one,no a doc or therapist can tell u that ... Medicine is not a perfect science ,they may tell u not to expect much and urchild could totally surpass there expectaions ,,, Just keep pushing and advocating for ur child,cause only YOU can get everything ur child needs ... Im sure u dont ,but NEVER stop pushing him and never give up ... God Bless

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