My son is being misdiagnosed for ADHD

Denise - posted on 01/18/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Is there anyone out there whose child has Sensory Processing Issues, along with Autistic tendencies and has been diagnosed with ADHD. My 6 year old son has only been diagnosed by ADHD through psychologists, and according to his OT and Developemtal optometrist, he is not ADHD, he clearly has Sensory processing and Vision Issues. He completed the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale and met criteria for Autism, but the MD is holding off on a firm diagnois because of the ADHD symptoms that the psych interpreted during the eval. We are now doing a trial run of ritalin, very low dose, and it has made him very lethargic. Any suggestions? I want to be rid of the ADHD Diagnosis and have my son accurately diagnosed so we can continue with the treatemnts that are beneficial for him and an IEP that also meets his needs.


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Jenn - posted on 01/27/2009




Have you thought of trying your son on Concerta. It treats ADHD as well with less side effects. My son has SPD and what works for him is routine, routhine and routine. If you have a good OT have them help you set up a daily plan that gives him sensory breaks. It depends on what his sensitivities are what will work and what won't. I found for my son that diet really effects his behavior. I keep him away from wheat products and he is a much happier boy. Good luck in your search for what works for your son.


Amie - posted on 01/22/2009




I have a six year old daughter with Sensory Processing issues as well. We just recently has her tested, through the school to see if she has a learning disability. the tests showed that she displays signs of being ADHD while she is at school, however not while she is at home. All of the books that I have read about SPD say that very often kids with SPD are misdignosed as having ADHD and that is not the case, they just have disorganized sensory processing. We go for our IEPC meeting tomorrow and I have a lot of questions to ask. Although I want to give my daughter all of the help that she needs, I am hesitant to accept the ADHD diagnosis because of the sensory issues. the testing that they do does not have a catergory for SPD it only has the catergory for ADD/ADHD. My concern is that the test may be misinterpreting some of the data given due to the fact that it does not account for sensory issues. Have you experienced this with your child or do you have any advice, as you are clearly farther along in this whole process than I am? Good luck to you and your family! Remember, you are the only voice that your child has! Keep up the fight!

Kind Regards, Amie

Denise - posted on 01/18/2009




April. Thank you for your compliment and encouragement.  As I continue to travel this path, I'll keep you informed of any accomplishments that may be helpful for you.

April - posted on 01/18/2009




I don't have an answer, but am trying to get my son's problems diagnosed right now, so I feel your pain. I just wanted to say good luck, and I have heard that ADHD has been sort of a "trash can" diagnosis, and is often misdiagnosed entirely.

You have a beautiful family, and I wish you the best in finding the right diagnosis and treatment for him!


April Navarrete

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