Potty training a child w/Down Syndrome

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I have a son with Down Syndrome who will be turning 9 years old in July. He is still wearing pull-ups. He goes through phases where he will go potty on the toilet and then all of sudden he stops using it. The doctor tells me that when the time is right he will go, but I'm wondering if there is something that I can do. He was diagnosed with ADD late last year and when he started on medication he was going on the toilet all the time and then after a couple of weeks he wasn't interested anymore. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Carrie - posted on 06/26/2009




First of all, I would wonder if his medication is retaining his urine or making it burn when he has to go. This would make him unwilling to go on the toilet. Other than that, your best bet would be to make a schedule of when he has to go to the bathroom. You should have a general idea by now when he has to use the restroom. It might help to give him something to drink 15-20 minutes before his scheduled "potty" time.

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I have an 8 year old son that is autistic, but he can potty by himself. When he was younger I made him a schedule book with pictures. And I asked him to follow the schedule book. It took alot of time,but in the end it worked out. I used my camera and took pictures of him when he's gone in his pants, sitting on the toliet, wipping, flushing, and washing his hands. I developed the photos, cut them out, then I laminated the photos. I went to walmart bought a day planner and took the insides out of it. Then I bought poster board and contact paper. I cut the poster board out to fit the day planner. Then I used the contact paper on the poster board to make it sturdy. I laminated that. Towards the end I bought vecro and put that on the back of the photos and a strip down the middle of the laminated poster board.Oh you need to use a hole puncher so it'll fit inside the dayplanner. When it's all finished you have made a book with photos. And you can either tell a story of going potty or have the child put it in the order it goes. Or sometimes even have them look at it while on the toilet. I hope this helps.

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I have a 3yr old little boy with Down Syndrome and a 8 yr old girl who is inlectually Disabled who is not potty trained. She is still in pull ups to. From what I have been told by pediatricans is to be patient and it takes time .... My daugher will tell me at times and there are times she won't.... Have you tried making it fun everytime he goes in the potty praise him also I found out this works to I have tried this with my daughter is everytime she went we had a sticker chart and so many stickers she would get a prize from the dollar store. Also with my daughter I have had her on a schedule where

if she would forget to tell me I would take her into the bathroom to where she could try. I would still praise her for trying.... What ever you do don't yell or get mad at your son for having accidents stay calm just remind him or her to next time tell ya so you so you can go use the potty like a big boy or girl.... I really hope this helps good luck... Also talk to your pediatrican to if you have concerns to......

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