The system not knowleging that children have behavior problems

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My Child is 2 and a half and he has severe temper tatrums.He will scream for hours and hits his head rubs feeses in his hair.Runs around and will not seat in a chair or cart for more than a second.Slapps himself and hits and kicks other people.My child recently fell off off a slide and a pastor called cps and told him that our son had severe behaviors and was concerned he was being abused by my husband.We had took him to a behavior specilist who said he needed therpy and speech therpy.Which we did both to help him.Our child was ultimently removed and was placed into foster care because theire dr said children do not have these behaviors unless they are being abused.We have a family history of bipolar,Sqzperhia ,ADD and ADHD in our immedity family.Me and my husband have bipolar.are oldest son who is 7 was adopted out many years ago has mood disorder,Sensory intergation,ADHD and is on 8 differnent meds for his problems.Could I be wrong can children not this young have behavior problems.


Iridescent - posted on 03/02/2010




They can have behavior problems, but often they are caused by other things (lack of discipline, abuse). NOT always. If you can prove family history, and if your other child's records are admissible, you may be able to get him back depending on a lot of things (such as the age your other was adopted and why, how much contact you had with him). It would be easier to prove your case if he had been adopted at birth and has had these problems since. Proving you were bringing him to both speech therapy and mental/behavior regularly as recommended would also help.

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