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My child has a (Caringbridge) site that I keep updated. My daughter's new teacher this year somehow got the site address and printed off what I had written and then sent me the printed sheet highlighted in her backpack with a note at the bottom that says "You need to check your facts before you put things like this on the net". The IEP meeting last week was a disaster. What would you do? I am planning on asking for a different teacher now because I don't think my child will be treated fairly. This was my blog and my child's and my perception of what happened. I didn't give her the site info so I am not sure how she got it but it is was not a locked site so the damage is done. I am typically very conscientous as to who my audience is.
This is what was said: on the site "______ has a new teacher who according to______ is very unempathetic regarding her medical needs. When she tries to rest she replies. "You need to sit up. We are all tired and we would all like to take a nap". As a result she is crashing hard after school and is sleeping a lot in the evening and then can't wake up in the morning. She woke up crying yesterday and said "Mommy, I just want to lock myself in ______ room, and sleep until midnight. Then I will wake up at midnight and eat and then I can can stay asleep until the next morning and then I will wake up." When _____ tries to eat in her class the new teacher is making remarks that "we just ate and if you didn't eat enough then it's too bad. Eating time is over." I was under the assumption that she had read her IEP. ______ is supposed to be allowed to eat whenever would like because of her medical needs. This is why I tried to have this meeting and invite her at the end of last year. UGH! As if the big long clear plastic tube hanging out the end of her shirt hooked into her backpack isn't enough indication that she needs a little extra grace. To add insult to injury her pump broke twice at school, her tube got pulled out of her stomach. This all happened an hour away while I was in Muskogee training for my new job. Just a little too much stress in one week".

Suggestions?Thoughts? Help? Anyone? How would you handle this if you were me and in a similar situation?


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My heart goes out to you. As I learned everything has to be a fight for you child. You my friend are in between a rock and a hard place. You don't want to make ____ teacher mad becase the rummors will fly and you cant let them hurt your child. Are you in a bigger school that has more then 1 special ed teacher? I would point blank SHOW the teacher her iep. Highlight the areas that she is breaking. Let her know that is agiast the law! Proced to the principal and get someone that cares for her helth, well being, and education.

Make a point to her teacher that you can put a law suit out there. Don't ever stand for some on hurtting your baby. Thats a bunch of emotionl abuse to her as well.

Good luck!

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