when did you relize your child was special?


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Kim - posted on 04/12/2009




I think I knew from when I first held her but it became increasingly obvious.  she was too quiet, too perfect, she didn't cry very loudly.  She still had a weak neck at 6 months and she was globally developmentally delayed.  She ended up with low blood sugar problems and for a few years had seizures.  she is nearly 12 now and I feel the kinesiologist we took her to did a lot of good.  When someone first told us about kinesiology I thought it was a load of crock but i was desperate.  Meg is still delayed in a lot of ways but I think she would have been locked in her own little world if it hadn't been for the different doors Wayne and I pushed against to try and find ways to help her.  It has cost us a lot of money but my little girl can hold conversations with me and plays with her dolls and asks lots of questions.  I could never have seen her doing that in the beginning.  I didn't even think she would walk or talk.  I love her very much and one day hope to see her read and write.  That is our current goal for her.

Emily - posted on 04/11/2009




hi everyone, i noticed my daughter had problems at approx 4-6 months old although lookin back there were signs from birth!! the proffesionals didnt accept that she had problems until she was 8 months old at this point she still could not support her head!! she i now 3 and a half and has alot of problems she is still currently not walkin or talkin and she understands very little she is at the same level of 6-8 month old (approx) she has major feeding problems and has to have mashed food still and also she suffers from epilepsy. we dont know what has caused her problems and the doctors seem to have given up finding out (although we do have a appointment with a genetics doctor to get blood results in a few weeks) every new thing she does is a massive deal to us as we dont know what she will and wont do. freya is such a joy to have and no matter what she does or does not acheive she is my special little girl!!

Julie - posted on 04/09/2009




I started to have doubts when my son was 4 months old. I was participating to workshops for moms and I could notice that my son had not a strong neck. He would refuse to be on his  stomach. When he grew up, my suspicions became even more since he sat only at 15 months and started walking at 2 years and half.  He was not playing like another child also.  We started to consult specialists at the age of 13 months: neurologist, physiatrist, genetician.  No diagnostic so far - Dealing with various opinions : some think he has autism, others say that his communication abilities are too good to be an autist.  A couple of weeks ago, the genetician has found that my son has a partial duplication of chromosome 2. They are now doing additional test to see if my husband or I have the same duplication. 

At some point, I had difficulty to deal with my son difference. It was at the time I could imagine the worst about his developmental delay. I was very sad to think that there was a tonne of things I could not do with my son when he would be older.  As he is growing, I am now accepting to live a day at a time. We are enjoying every little progress he makes!  He is making me a better person! I wouldn t imagine my life without him!

Jessica - posted on 04/08/2009




we realised cody was different when he didnt respond to sounds as a baby,this lead to many failed hearing tests,he got the all clear at 15 months.Then i asked "if he can hear now why cant he talk?" from 18 months old he has done speech therapy we got a diagnosis of global development delay,but i suspect he also has childhood bipolar

April - posted on 04/08/2009




I knew before he was diagnosed that something wasn't quite right. He didn't walk until he was almost 2, and his speech development is delayed. He was diagnosed with developmental delays at 18 months. He is 3 now, and is being tested for autism spectrum disorder.

Jennifer - posted on 04/07/2009




Tyler was diagnosed before he was two and Austin was not until he was six.

Roxanne - posted on 04/07/2009




My  son  is  sizophrenic  

when  did  you  find  out  about   his  limits   and  talents?

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