Mothers of Teenage Daughters

A place to share the unique joys and frustrations of being the mom of a teenage daughter. This is a resource for questions, suggestions, and support as we move day by day, sometimes moment by moment, through to the other side


Can someone give me insight??

I am a mom to 3 daughters, 15, 14 and 11. Their father and I have been divorced for 2 years. We share 50/50 custody and only live 20 miles from each other. I remarried last...


Tips & Advice

Does anyone have any good conversation starters for getting your daughter to open up and share what's going on in her social life? If I just ask questions, I get simple...


Hi- My intro

Hi All, My daughter is 14, and I have a son who is 12. I have a superman-like husband who has love for our family like no one-- we are blessed with a fantastic relationship...



I'm a mother of 3 boys & 1 girl. My oldest is in college, my youngest starting 2nd grade. My daughter is beginning her sophmore year of high school :) I thought I was prepared...


Texting Tantrums

UGH! Is anyone else frustrated over the amount of texting these girls seem to do nowadays?? It is just rude, to me, to be texting while with someone else. My daughter does...