Mothers of Teenagers

how can you talk to and handle your teenager's problems concerns or behavior issues


Are you a mom worried about your teen?

I am looking for parents who are worried their teen is involved in dangerous behavior...bath salts, synthetic marijuana, vodka gummies, etc. If this is you or someone you know,...


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Is anyone else going thru their son and a Attitude problem. We used to be best friends but recently,OMG. How are U handling it?


Symptoms of Teenage Rebellion

Teenage rebellion is not just about skipping class, staying out past curfew, or smoking anymore, now the rebellion has taken on new forms and looks considerable different from...


Teenagers and Dating

I have a 14 yr old boy and a 16 yr old girl. The oldest has dated before but never went anywhere with her Bo. Now she is a Junior in High School and wants to go to all the...