teen cant sleep at night

Glenda - posted on 10/21/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My teen daughter 14yrs is struggling to get to sleep at night, sometimes when she does manage to get to sleep she wakes in the middle of the night then finds it difficult to get back to sleep again.
I have told her to go to bed at the same time each night, and to relax and read a book to try and help. She has her phone & ipod switched off at night so it dosent wake her as well.

If anyone has any ideas to help that would be great. thank you


Karen - posted on 10/21/2011




go check out melatonin at the pharmacy (you can purchase it in the vitamin/supplement isle). melatonin is what the body produces to induce sleep so maybe her body isn't producing enough of it. i have the same problem and it has worked wonders for me (i went from averaging 3-4 broken hours of sleep a night to 8 solid hours). if you're not sure about it you can always just ask the pharmacist (especially if she happens to be on any other medications, just make sure it won't interfere with them). it's much safer then using other sleep medications because it is not a medication that you can become addicted to. good luck, hth!

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