Mothers who have lost a teenager in a car wreck

This is for Mothers who have lost a teenager in a car wreck. I just lost my 16 yr old son in a car wreck. His best friend was driving and was doing 90 in a 40. Neither boy was wearing a seatbelt. My son died instantly and the driver was free of any injuries. I live in constant fear of loseing one of my other 2 childre ages 18,2. I'm hopeing first of all for mothers to reind their children how important it is to wear your seat belt. If I can help even 1 person from the pain I suffer daily would mean so much. I would also appriciate any feedback from anyone who has been through this and what they did to survive. While I hope no one has ever had to feel like I do, I know there are many who have. I would also appriciate any prayers as I need all I can get. If there is any advice I can give anyone or helpp in anyway just send me a message. I would love to know I have helped someone.


drowned at 16

My name is Melanie Fishel ,my son Stephen drowned last May . I have not really been to talk to to many people ,because i really do not want to think about it. I tell people all...